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Pressure Washer Pump Repairs

Americlean can re-manufacture your damaged triplex pump manifold.

High pressure triplex pumps should have the high pressure valve seat o-rings replaced at maintenance intervals. When the o-rings are not replaced and they fail and a leak begins. It is only small at first, but as high pressure water escapes around the failed o-ring it begins to extrude or wear a groove in the manifold casting. When this happens installing a new o-ring will not solve the problem. When this happens the manifold has to be replaced or repaired. This is because water will leak past the new o-rings through the groove that was extruded into the metal casting caused by the failure of the old o-ring.

Only by re-machining the manifold until the groove is removed can the manifold be saved. In some cases such as with CAT PUMPS, new oversized seats have to be manufactured and installed to match the amount of material removed from the manifold. When this operation is performed the seat will seal as it did when it was new.

The cost savings can be quite high.

For example our service department had a customer bring in a Simpson machine with a Cat 57 triplex pump. The machine was around five years old and the high pressure valve seat 0-rings had not been replaced since it was new. They were leaking and a groove had already been extruded into the casting.

The replacement manifold was $1100.00 almost the cost of a new pump. The customer was sick since the cost of the o-ring would have been only a couple of dollars to replace. This was the first repair we decided to attempt on a damaged manifold. We sent the manifold to our machine shop for the re-machining process and to have slightly larger valve seats made.

The total cost for re-machining the manifold and new seats was $250.00, a savings of $850.00!

Another repair was to a General pump that had to have all of the faces re-machined. The replacement cost of that manifold was $425.00. The repair was $125.00.