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Extention Coupling

This coupling is designed for use with aluminum extensions. It is manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft Aluninum and is clear anodized. Both ends are 1/4 female NPT threads. Both ends are counterbored 3/8" deep to accept the tube diameter. This protects the extension from breaking at the thread when dropped or abused. UPS will not ship items that are longer than 108". This coupling allows you the combine two different lengths of extentions to get lengths longer than 108" long. Such as 6' & 6' will give you a 12' long extension

Part Number  EX-100-01

Description Extention Coupling

Price $ 9.40

1/4" Quick Disconnect Plug                        
With Thread Protector 

This Plug is machined fron 303 stainless steel and has a 1/4 female NPT thread. The threaded end is also counterbored to except a portion of the extension tube. This prevents the extension fron breaking at the thread when dropped or abused. This plug was designed to be used when the gun has a 1/4 quick coupler socket installed where the extension would nomally screw in. This set up allows different length extesions to be changed quickly.

Part Number  EX-100-02

Description  1/4" Quick Disconnect                Plug With Thread Protector

Price  $ 4.75

1/4" Extention Adapter

This adapter is machined from solid brass. It has a 1/4" NPT male thread on one end and a 1/4" NPT female thread on the other end. The end with the female thread has a 3/8" deep counterbore to receive the extentsion tube. This prevents the aluminum extensions from breaking at the thread when dropped or abused. The male thread screws into the gun and the extension screws into the female end of the adapter.

Part Number EX-100-03

Description  1/4" Extention Adapter

Price $ 6.45